National Honor Society Induction 2023


Whitney Robbins, Editor

On February 1st, 2023, 29 new student members were officially inducted into the National Honor Society. 

The National Honor Society is a national organization for high school students grades 10th through 12th. Students are selected based on their academic standing, leadership, character, and service. Each school has different requirements. At Park, you must obtain a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale, and complete a certain amount of service hours (20 for sophomores, 28 for juniors, and 36 for seniors). Park’s NHS currently has 64 members, including the recently inducted members.

The ceremony was led by the NHS advisor Ms. Iva McLean and the officers: Adriana Rodriguez (president), Whitney Robbins (vice president), and Ytzayana Silva (secretary). 

Adriana kicked off the ceremony by talking about what the NHS is and the requirements that come with being in it. Principal William O’Malley followed with a speech addressing the new inductees. He thanked the supporting family, friends, and staff of the new inductees and talked about the importance of being in the NHS. He emphasized on character and the effect the members will leave on Park and in our community. The officers then took turns lighting the candles and explaining The Four Pillars of the National Honor Society: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. 

Every year, the NHS introduces an honorary faculty member. This year’s honorary faculty member was Mrs. Sara Todd, who was chosen for her caring nature and acceptance of everyone. Mrs.Todd gave a speech about the values of being part of the NHS and her how students have impacted her:

“I have hope for our future as a city and nation because of you. We value you, the person most of all. Getting to know you and helping be a part of your journey. It is the best part of my job.”

In addition to the honorary faculty member, a keynote speaker is also introduced every year. This year’s keynote speaker was Ms. Valerie Freeman, who was nominated for her support and willingness to help anyone in need. She shared her thoughts on the four pillars of the NHS. She especially went into detail about character, a pillar she finds very important:

“Character is my moral compass…it is my north star! I live by this motto, It’s not always important to be right, but to do what’s right.”

Finally, the new NHS inductees were recognized and given a certificate along with pins and NHS cards, a new addition to the NHS induction ceremony starting this year.

Ms. McLean had nothing but good things to say about the ceremony. “It was actually a really nice turnout,” she said. “I was really proud of all the students and their families. I thought the speakers were really good this year, inspirational speeches. It was a good start to another good year of NHS.”

A special thanks goes to Mr. Caine and his culinary students Mya Lowery, Juan Beitez, and Miah Phillips for making the cakes. It also goes to Lydia Smithkey for photographing and Jose Zavala for helping throughout the ceremony. Thank you to Ms. McLean for orchestrating the entire thing, and the academy principals and faculty council for attending. Last but not least, a huge thank you goes to the families and friends who helped their children get to this point. Congratulations to all the new members listed below, and make sure to continue being a great representation for Park High School.

       10th                                                  11th                                             12th

Greyson Anchondo                    Karla Casillas Tapia                    Dakota Cherry

Savannah Bernal                        Saida Estrada

Cameron Betker                         Mark Gutierrez-Morales

Bianca Cordero Perez                Andrea Martinez

Ania Corley                                Alyssa Martinez

Layla Coronado

John Hyatt

Jessica Ketterhagen

Lynnita King-Duberstine

Lerie Oakley

Jazmine Ocasio

Saul Peralta

Elena Reitzel

Arniessie Reynolds

David Rivera-Gonzalez

Amaya Rogers

Jacqueline Saldivar

Carlylin Schiefelbein

Trey Schimian

Zoe Siegel

Harper Smith-Hopkins

Trinity Smithkey

Evan Vallejos