The Black Student Union: BSU


Natalie Robbins

The first Black Student Union (BSU) was started in San Francisco State University in the 1966. It was created to combat racial discrimination.
Today, BSUs continue to bring change to schools and colleges across the country.

The goal of BSU is to work to promote student success for black students and create a safe space to talk about any concerns or frustrations they have with the school or community.

Park High School started its own Black Student Union during the 2021-2022 school year. It is mentored by Ms. Freeman, Mr. Horton, and Ms. Cobb.

The BSU board:

  • President: Arianna Lowe
  • Vice-President: Natalie Robbins
  • Secretary: Dontavion Echols and Namiyah Scales
  • Social Media Team: Jaylayna Thomas, Jadia Herrington, Aniyah Corley, Jimmy Boatmer
  • Recruitment Team: Shelby Jennings, Arniessie Reynolds, Jada Compos

Park’s Black Student Union meets every Friday during advisory and already had their first guest speaker, Daryl Burns, the deputy chief of schools for RUSD, on October 21st.

If you have any concerns about our school or about how things are going in the community, come to a BSU meeting and let your voice be heard.