Spring Break 2021: Movies to Stream


Julia Keeran, Writer

Did you have to cancel your spring-break plans last year and they are ruined again this year? If you have free time but don’t know what to do just lay down and watch a movie! Everyone has been stuck with little to do and just wanting to be cozy, especially teenagers. Here are five movies recommended for teens: 

Best Overall: Booksmart 

Two very intelligent best friends, Amy, and Molly, take a step out of their comfort zone to make the best out of their senior year. Everything is about having fun until there’s too many bumps in the road. They grapple with deciding if partying is really worth it overall. 

(Disclaimer – This movie is recommended for older teens. Rated R)


Best Drama: The Hate You Give 

Starr’s home and school life are very different worlds that can be hard to juggle at times. After a very traumatic experience happens to her childhood best friend she finds her voice and tries shutting down the racial stereotypes. 

(Rated PG-13)


Best Romance: Five Feet Apart

Stella spends a majority of her time at the hospital suffering from cystic fibrosis. She is in complete control of her life which includes her everyday routine & boundaries. Then she meets a charming boy named Will, a boy who suffers from the exact same disease. They hit it off right away but the catch is, they have to stay five feet apart.. 

(Rated PG-13 )


Best comedy: Mean Girls 

New student fresh from homeschool, Cady Heron, is now joining a whole new scene.. public school. This school is all about popularity and staying in your own “clique.” She may have joined the wrong one which leads to regrets and finding true friends. 

(Rated PG-13)


Best LGBTQ: Love, Simon 

Simon is a 17 year old male who is still very in the closet. He’s being blackmailed by an anonymous online classmate who goes by the name of “blue.” This unidentified person is threatening to out him. However, while trying to discover who they are, things take a turn when he catches feelings. 

(Rated PG-13)


Missing a vacation or having to cancel fun plans is disappointing. Even though you’re stuck at home, at least you can grab some popcorn and enjoy these movies!