Make Your Own Thanksgiving Traditions


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Thanksgiving message with pumpkins on a blue background

Rhys Tucker, Writer

As Thanksgiving day gets closer, many families reminisce on past holidays as they plan out their nostalgic celebrations. While Thanksgiving is considered a very traditional holiday, some families may not have traditions and instead simply have dinner together. Here are some fun activities you can do, or may already do, that may even turn into a long lasting tradition!

One of the most popular things to do during Thanksgiving is watch football. This may already be a family tradition of yours, but there is more to watch on Thanksgiving day rather than just football. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, another fairly common tradition, always airs on Thanksgiving Day. If your family isn’t too invested in football, you can always change the channel and watch the various floats, balloons, and singers perform for the parade.

If you prefer to be active rather than staying inside and watching television, you could change up traditions and play football instead of watching it. Playing a short game with your family after dinner could be fun and help you burn off some of the food you just ate.

A lot of people feel strongly about when to decorate for Christmas. With Christmas coming directly after Thanksgiving, most usually wait until after the holiday has passed to make their house more festive. What if instead of doing it yourself, the entire family helped? Decorating for Christmas at your Thanksgiving celebration with your family could be an enjoyable tradition as well as get everyone in the holiday spirit!

As the whole family gathers together, it could be a great idea for everyone to reminisce on past events! Looking at old photo albums with the family can be a great experience, and it fits well with the theme of Thanksgiving. Old photo albums can remind you how thankful you are for your family.

Instead of holding a Thanksgiving celebration, you could do something new and have a friendsgiving.  Friendsgiving is another way of celebrating Thanksgiving, where rather than only inviting family you invite friends, and maybe some family as well. This makes for a lot bigger of a celebration and can be a very fun tradition to start this year!

Whether spending Thanksgiving with family or friends, you can create your own traditions.