Valentine’s Day Flowers and their Meanings


Elida Coronado , Writer

There are certain traditional gifts for Valentine’s Day that are given year after year: chocolate, jewelry, and flowers. Red roses, the lover’s rose, is a staple for this holiday. Like red roses, all flowers have a hidden meaning to them. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to give personally unique flowers to those special people in our life, so try some of these flowers in a bouquet to perfectly convey your feelings.

  • Roses

Different color roses have their own special meaning, for example, common red roses are known as the lover’s rose. Yellow roses signify friendship and joy, while pink roses signify appreciation and admiration, these are perfect for a friend or family member. Purple roses are for someone you are enchanted by, or fell in love with at first sight.

  • White Daisies

White daisies symbolize loyal love, beauty, innocence, purity, simplicity. The meaning makes these flowers ideal for all lovers, friends and family.

  • Sunflowers

These flowers represent warmth and happiness, but they also signify adoration and longevity. The friendly yellow make these flowers perfect for friends and family members to brighten their day.

  • Chrysanthemums

Overall chrysanthemums symbolize happiness, optimism, longevity, and joy. White petals of chrysanthemums signify truth and loyal love. A sneaky trick to play on your friends is to give them a yellow chrysanthemum because their hidden message means slightly loved.

  • Gardenias

Gardenias symbolize purity and gentleness. The white gardenia has a separate meaning, it represents secret love. Perfect for finally coming out to your crush.

  • Forget-Me-Nots

This flower has a beautiful story behind its name. A French knight strolled along a river with his lover. He bent down to pick up a lovely, small blue flower as soon as he noticed it. However, he lost his balance due to his heavy armor and fell in the river. Before sinking, he tossed the flower to his lady and shouted “forget me not!” earning its name and gave its meaning of undying love.

Preparing a Perfect Bouquet

After you have picked the perfect flowers for your loved ones, you’re ready to make the bouquet. First, you will want to keep your stems long (similar yet vary in lengths) while trimming off the majority of the leaves. Then slowly arrange the flowers to your liking and add a few leaves to give it a more natural look. Add a rubber band or floral tape to bind them together, and wrap them in decorative tissue paper. Add a ribbon or some natural twine and you’re done.

With Valentine’s Day almost here, prepare a perfect bouquet to get your feelings across for your significant other, friends, and family members to show your love and appreciation.