Book Review: A Family Upstairs


Whitney Robbins, Writer

Imagine you have inherited a big, beautiful mansion only to find out that it has an infamous history – one that involves you! You’d want answers, right? Join three siblings in Lisa Jewell’s A Family Upstairs as they looks for those answers, travel to London to deal with what happened two decades ago, and recall everything leading up to the incident.

Twenty-five years ago police were notified of a crying baby left alone at a mansion. When they arrive on the scene, they find the baby, perfectly healthy and happy, but are shocked to find three dead bodies and four children missing.

Fast forward and Libby Jones, after waiting her entire life, learns who her birth parents were. Not only that, but she inherits the mansion that is worth millions of dollars. She is in for a surprise when she learns the history of the mansion, and in for an even more surprise when she learns that she is part of it.

Some might consider this a “whodunit” kind of book and they’re not wrong. Theories will be formed and predictions made throughout the book, but the plot takes unexpected twists that will leave the reader stunned. In The Family Upstairs, Jewell switches from one sibling to another, with one sibling even recalling memories from the past when it all happened. You won’t want to stop reading until you get your questions answered.

Fans of mystery, suspense, and thriller books will regret not reading The Family Upstairs sooner.