Esports on the Rise


Darren Brown, Writer

Defined simply by Tech Terms Computer Dictionary, Esports is “a general term used to describe video game competitions.” At the moment, it is a billion dollar industry, and this popularity has allowed it to expand to local high schools across the country and even host state competitions. Park’s Esports teams are really making a name for themselves this year through the success of the Smash Ultimate team as well as their Overwatch team led by Mr. Whitt and Mr. Robaidek. 

Park’s dynamic Super Smash Bros. Ultimate team has drawn a lot of attention this year. The team features Logan Downing, Isaiah Fuchsgruber, and Vito Siehr. These three seniors along with the rest of the gamers have proven to be a tough match up. They fell just short of a second straight season with a state appearance due to a 2-3 loss against Appleton. Although they weren’t able to get to state, the Smash Ultimate team has a handful of senior gamers graduating, which opens the gate for the rest of the group to make a name for themselves in the esports community. They are sure to bounce back next season.

A group that has already made a name for themselves is Park’s Overwatch team. This team is led by senior Devin Cortese, who is nothing short of amazing. He just recently won “Player of the Month” award for the month of October. To put into perspective, that award is given by the National Association of Esports Coaches and Directors, and it goes to the best player in the country for that month. Cortese along with the rest of the team are headed to state Saturday, December 14th to play against Bayport in Madison for a chance to bring Park its first State Championship in the schools history. 

During the traditional state sendoff, Directing Principal Jeff Miller said “It’s not just video games…it’s something deeper than that.” This line beautifully speaks for the team and their motive to win.