Stephen King’s Original Films Vs. The Remakes

Stephen Kings Original Films Vs. The Remakes

Jonas Heiser, Reporter

October is the month of terror and the home of Halloween. One of the most creative and disturbed minds that has blessed us with terrifying stories is Stephen King, often known as the King of Horror. Many of his books made into movies and recently remade. 

It (1990 miniseries Part 1) Vs It (2017)

It (1990) begins in 1959 with Billy’s brother, Georgie playing in a rain storm and his paper boat going down a drain. Pennywise then introduces himself and eats Georgie. It (2017) starts the same, but in 1988. Midway through both movies, Billy, Mike, Eddie, Beverly, Ben, Richie, and Stanley joined together to form The Losers Club. In the 1990 version, The Losers figure out that Pennywise comes back every thirty years to feed, while in the 2017 film they don’t figure that out until the sequel – It 2.

The 1990 film ends with The Losers imagining different personal items to be powerful, eventually defeating Pennywise. In the 2017 version, Beverly looks into the Deadlights and sees a vision of The Losers Club as adults fighting against Pennywise once again. The Losers fight Pennywise until he retreats back into the sewers for hibernation. Bill declares that Pennywise will starve. Beverly later tells them all about her vision and they make a blood oath to come back to Derry if Pennywise ever returns.

Carrie (1976) Vs Carrie (2013)

The main difference between the old and the new is modernization. In both movies, Carrie gets made fun of for having her first menstrual period in high school. In the 2013 movie, girls throw tampons, record it, and upload it to YouTube. Carrie is then sent home. In the 1976 version, they threw tampons and chanted at her. Carrie then starts panicking, and the teacher tries to calm her down and slaps Carrie. Carrie later finds  out she has telekinetic powers during a meeting with the principal. In 2013, she doesn’t find out about her powers until she is locked in her closet, the door cracks and a crucifix behind her begins to bleed.

Toward the end of both films Carrie’s bully, Chris, and her boyfriend, Billy, plan to pour pigs blood on Carrie during prom. Carrie and her date won prom king and queen. When they are both on stage, Chris dumps the pigs blood on Carrie and Tommy. In the 1976 film, the bucket falls and knocks Tommy out while in the 2013 film it kills him. Carrie rages and kills everyone in the gym. In the 2013 movie she spares one of her teachers. Later when Carrie is home, her mother comforts her but then tries to kill her. Sue, Tommy’s Girlfriend, walks in and is lifted by Carrie, who senses she is pregnant with a baby girl and throws her to safety as the house is torn apart. In the 1976 film, Sue has a nightmare about Carrie that causes her to burst into tears as her mother comforts her.

The continuous adaptations of Stephen King’s previous works proves that he is still The King of Horror.