December 18, 2018

Fall Fashion for Females

Fall Fashion for Females

November 20, 2018

Freshman Advice

Elizabeth Czosnek, Reporter

October 12, 2018

Every year there are new freshmen, and every year they don’t know how high school works. They don’t know how to navigate through the halls or what volume to speak. Middle school was a free-for-all, high school is a lot different....

What to Do Over Spring Break

Toby Nelson, Reporter

March 12, 2018

A staycation is a vacation spent in one's home or involves day trips to attractions. Just like a traveling vacation, a staycation is about relaxation and enjoyment. It's about "me" time or "us" time, whichever the case may be. Don’t ...

Ask C.S. Wood: Advice for Teens Vol. 1

Sarah Akakpo, Advice Columnist

February 14, 2018

Dear C.S. Wood, “Recently I broke up with my ex and the breakup didn’t end very well. Now, I’m with someone else, but the thing is, I see my ex in the hallways and he always gives me dirty looks. I try to not make eye ...