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Fall Pep Rally Photos

Alex Ruchhoeft, Illustrator/Photographer

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Cheer team awaiting to greet students as they walk in

Mrs. Diek and Mrs. Ludvickson posing for a picture, decked out in their “black out” gear.

Cheer flashes proud panther colors

The cheer team wows the crowd with spectacular stunts.

Senior class poses for a picture.

Junior class groups in close for a group photo

Class representatives chow down in the pie eating contest.

Jason Gonzalez poses victoriously after eating nearly an entire pie in one minute.

Rance Kendrick and Khiera Hood, our 2017 King and Queen of homecoming

Our photobombing mascot seizes an opportunity

Teacher perform their glow in the dark flash mob!

Senior class gives one last hoorah as the assembly is dismissed.

Poms steals the crowd with their energizing routine

Injured cheerleader Cori Galipeau cheers on her teammates from the sidelines.

The school listens on and the Color Guard stands attentively as Christian Dressler sings the National Anthem.

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Fall Pep Rally Photos