A Night To Remember

Brooklynne Polk

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On Saturday the 30th at 7:00pm, Washington Park High School hosted their 2017 Homecoming. The theme was “Park After Dark”. As students walked into the doors of the fieldhouse it was pitch black with glow in the dark lights hanging from the walls and lights. As you walked in the foyer there was a check in area where you could hang your coats, purses, shoes etc. Then to the right there was food and drink stations. The food options we had were pizza, chips, cookies, a variety of candy and water to drink.


Now to talk about the actual dance! Our dance was located in the main gym with the dividers down dividing the gym into two halfs. On one side DJ 262 was set up by the dance floor and on the other side there was a jumpy house and bright lights setup for picture taking. There was also a photo booth located on the side with the DJ.


DJ 262 played a great selection of music that every student could dance too. He kept the crowed extremely hype the whole night. Not only that but he brought a special guest to perform. The special guest was Munch Lauren out of Milwaukee, WI. Overall I think all the students that attended the dance enjoyed it. If you didn’t come you definitely missed out. It was for sure A Night To Remember.

A Night To Remember