Washington Park Panthers Volleyball

Auriel Stills

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The girls varsity volleyball team has started off as a whole new team. After Sheila Hasler resigned her position as head coach for the team, Brandon Liberty stepped up and took the position. They also lost their setter Kelsey Hood but Auriel Stills had to step up to fill those shoes. They are currently 1-2 with beating Horlick for the first time in years with the help of their new coach. The combination of Justine Gerardo’s passing, Auriel Stills sets, Morgan Hunt, Kheira Hood, Imani James and Jade Griffin’s hits are vicious. Their conference has a lot to look forward to because Park is turning around. This season is one to watch with a new coach and a lot of talent. Make sure to check the schedule for their upcoming games every supporter counts and they’ll really appreciate it! 


  The boys volleyball team is coached by Pete Leslie. In conference they are 0-1 and they are doing good and growing as  team. Kevin Leslie said “They just have to clean up their defense, and get more balls up so we can get more kills.” Some key players to watch when you’re supporting your park boys are Rance Kendrick, Kevin Leslie and Nobal Days. They have a long way to go in games so make sure you come support them! Their next game will be home 6:30 playing against the Horlick Rebels, so make sure you stop by and give a whole lot of support!


Washington Park Panthers Volleyball