Teacher Interview – Mr. Whitt

Dan Machalik

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Mr. Whitt is a new teacher and football coach here at Park High School. He teaches English and loves to write. I wanted to know what inspired him to be a teacher and Whitt said he  had inspiration from his high school teachers. When the Act 10 Teachers Union was happening in Wisconsin, Whitt knew his teachers could lose their jobs. He liked how all the teachers stood strong and still supported their students. The support and realization that their jobs are more than teaching is what made him want to be a teacher.

I asked Travis Whitt about his other options for a career and what other jobs he had. In high school, Whitt wanted to be a trauma surgeon. He went on a visit to see what the job entails and he realized it was too high risk of a job. “I realized one mistake could kill someone.” Travis always loved to write. He was a Editor-in-Chief for Canvas Magazine. “I always loved sharing stories.” Me wanting to be a writer inspired me to be a teacher.” Before he became a teacher, Whitt worked as a cook and manager at Sausage Kitchen. When he finally became a teacher he taught 5th grade journalism before coming to Park.

“Do you have any heroes?” When I asked this I knew he loved Comic-Book super heroes. I was expecting Wolverine or Batman, but his actual hero is his mom. His mom supports him in any decision he makes. Even though becoming a teacher was hard and having all those teacher union issues in Wisconsin, she wanted him to reach his goal and become one. Another person he looks up to is Chance the Rapper. “He really tries to help education and his community grow”. Mr. Whitt really inspires to do that in Racine.

The thing Mr. Whitt loves most about Park is the people. He loves how everyone helps each other to be successful. He wants Racine to grow and become better.



Teacher Interview – Mr. Whitt