Park Football Goes On Year Two Under Coach Siegal

Austin Siegal

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Park football has some big changes coming. The first year under new coach Andy Siegal may not have had improved results on the field but off of it the changes were immense.

Park football experienced their first win in over 2 full seasons. Park defeated Pius XI High School 13-8. To kick off the game the park boys scored off of a 7 yard run in the 1st quarter by Ricky Canady. Both teams had stout defenses and neither team could manage a score. Right before the end of the first half, Pius had the football on the park 45 yard line. The Park defense was struggling to find an answer for the very dangerous Pius offense.The quarterback for Pius hit a wide open receiver who went on to run for 30 yards and was then tackled out of bounds by Meshawn Byles. Pius with 30 seconds on the clock left in the half, punched it in with there 240 pound fullback Jonathan Lee to take the lead heading into the half.

Park came out of halftime on fire. The defense opened up the second half with an Austin Siegal fumble recovery. Yet, the offense still struggled to put points up. The score at the end of the third quarter was Pius 8 Park 7. The very first play of the 4th quarter Ricky Canady gave the Panthers the lead with a 12 yard touchdown pass to Adan Matsen. The most exciting part of the game is yet to come. With five minutes left in the game, the Pius defense was stopped on a deflected pass by Rashein Thomas. The Park offense headed onto the field and all they had to do was run the clock out and the Panthers would win the game. With three minutes left, disaster struck. Ricky Canady mis threw a pass and it was picked off by a Pius defender and returned all the way to the Park 15 yard line. The defense was going to have to shut the Pius offense down once again. On first down the Pius quarterback picked up a gain of 5 yards. On second down there was an incomplete pass and as for the third down. Finally on fourth down for the win, the Pius quarterback dropped back and fired a pass right to Jonathan Lee. Lee then appeared to have an easy reception when all of a sudden Meshawn Byles came out of nowhere and deflected it to ice the Panther win.


Park Football Goes On Year Two Under Coach Siegal