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Is Getting a Job in High School a Good Idea?

Darien Kivenas

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So I know by now you’ve probably been pressured into getting a job by someone, whether or not it was family or friends and by now you might actually be considering it for either the responsibility, or the extra credit, or maybe even the paycheck…. Yeah probably the paycheck. Today I will be discussing the pros and cons of having a job in high school. Well here’s a pro you might not even have known about but if you go and see your counselor they can give you a paper and if u can prove you have a job, you could get 1 credit to help towards that 26 credits or however many you need to graduate. Another pro is that, and I’m sure it’s the first thing that popped into your head is a paycheck. Although that does sounds great you’d only be able to work after school and on weekends. Which could also be considered a con. Another con would be you wouldn’t be able to go home and just relax. So I guess it depends on what you  want to do. Do you want to go home and sleep for free or go to work and get a paycheck by the end of the week. However maybe you have after school activities you are responsible for. In which case it would be a lot harder for you to work the same hours. However if you just go home and do nothing then… Why not? Another pro is that your family might actually show you some respect and they might not be so hard on you all the time, if that’s even happening of course. So sure maybe there are a few cons, however, the pros out weight the cons and it might just be worth your time.

Is Getting a Job in High School a Good Idea?