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Are we judged based on our appearances?

Andrea Demet

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I know I’m not the only one that’s noticed all of the stereotyping going on just based on clothing. I’ve even caught myself judging before I even know a person. In this society what you wear and how you present yourself means so much more than it should. I’ll give just a few examples. If I see a group of girls, all wearing Victoria’s Secret, I automatically assume they’re rich and stuck up. If I see a guy dressed sporty with really nice Jordan’s I think he’s cool and popular. When I look down the hallway and see someone with holes in their clothes and really old shoes, I think they’re poor. Let’s say two twins walked up to me at different times. One was wearing nice clothes and looked put together, but the other one looked grimy.  I would without a doubt be more open to conversation with the “better” looking one.  If this society preaches so much about clothes not defining you, then why do we let it?

Are we judged based on our appearances?