Theater at Park

Darien Kivas

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If you’re ever looking for something to do around school or you’re looking for more to do in high school, have you ever considered joining Park’s theatre company. I promise you won’t regret it. Despite what stereotypes theatre company has it’s not all Romeo and Juliet re-enactments and stressful deadlines. It’s actually really fun. You get to perform plays for people. You come up with most of the ideas yourself which is called improv. So far this year Park has put on a few shows. Thy were both a huge success and I enjoyed it. The next show we are doing is going to be one acts which is like small scenes to equal a show. However the next show was we’re doing is  the variety show. I will be doing that one because it sounds fun. Basically that one is just like a bunch of different little shows all put together and the same people are in different scenes. It’s on Friday May 12. Come check it out.