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DIY Valentine’s Day gifts

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“Open When”

One meaningful gift for your significant other is making “Open When” envelopes for him/her. It’s simple, easy, timeless, and adorable. First you need to gather all of the supplies, which are minimal. All you need are envelopes, markers, and paper. Once you’ve done that you need to write something someone needs on the envelope. Then answer that with a description on the paper. For example you could write, “open when you need to smile” then inside you would have something written that would make your significant other laugh.


       Everyone wants to make their partner happy especially on Valentine’s Day, but they end up putting it off. This idea is perfect if you’re in a rush. It’s very easy and requires little effort. All you need is a jar, Hershey Kisses, and a sticky note. Fill the jar with the kisses and write “kisses for when I’m not here” on the sticky note and put it inside. It’s very simple, but will definitely show that you put some thought into your gift.

“Hooked on You”

      If you’re boyfriend/girlfriend like a good joke then this is the gift for you. All you need is a jar. Gummy worms, and a piece of paper. Fill the jar with gummy worms then write on the paper “I’m hooked on you” with a drawing of a fish hook. It’s easy and will definitely make them crack a smile.

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DIY Valentine’s Day gifts