Winter Activities to Check Out

Evangelina Atilano

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Winter is always the season that everyone looks at as the time of the year where we all get lazy and don’t want to go out the house. Most don’t feel like going out and freezing in the cold, struggling to walk in the snow, and wearing a lot more clothes. This is all understandable but winter can still be made fun, you should feel lucky to live in a place where you get a little of every type of weather throughout the year. Imagine if it were just cold or hot all year, we’d get bored of it and you’d want to go somewhere to have a little fun in the snow.

So here’s a few ideas of things you can do in the winter so you won’t be on the couch and gloomy all winter. First off you might want to go outside and shovel, maybe even offer to shovel your neighbor’s drive through and sidewalk for some money. You can go get some friends or your family and go ice skating, sledding, play ice hockey, or go on a winter hike. You can support your school by going to their basketball games or go support your wrestling team. If you like being artsy you can decorate your room with winter things. If it’s one of those days where you just really don’t feel like going out the house you can do a movie or tv show marathon while drinking some nice hot chocolate. Obviously these are all things you should do if you’re done with everything you need to do like school work and chores or other responsibilities like that.

Winter Activities to Check Out