Upset About the Prom Policy?

Ariana Freeman

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     At the monthly senior assembly back in beginning of December, the senior class was shocked to find out that the prom policy started October 1st. We were supposed to be informed early but that obviously didn’t happen. Most seniors feel the prom policy should start in April like past years. A lot of seniors feel that there should be less suspensions and more tardies and truancies. All seniors feel they will not be eligible for prom all ready and it’s only January.

   The current policy is no more than ten tardies and truancies and no more than three suspensions. Prom may be kind of empty this year if seniors don’t try to petition this policy. It’s just not fair if it’s been the same for so long. Even the seniors who went last year want to go but can’t because of this policy. This is the last year we get to spend with our class and friends from other schools. The one night some people look forward to all through high school is ruined by this policy change.

Upset About the Prom Policy?