Join Choir!

Autumn Dehne

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Here at  Washington Park High School there are four different choirs and you should join if you like to sing. There is one concert coming up for the homecoming game and vocal ensemble (VE) is singing. If any freshman want to sing, come join Chorus One next year. We do a lot of cool stuff, like touring around the school during the holidays. We go to choir concerts and at the end of the year we have a huge concert called Pops. We would love if you joined us this year or next year. If you ever need help with finding the choir room don’t be afraid to ask someone. The choir teacher is very nice and very helpful when it comes to music. If you like to sing, please come join choir no matter your gender. If there are any freshman or upperclass men that want to join let your counselor know. Joining choir is the most fun you’ll have in high school.