Little Things to do for Mother Earth


Mikaela Hunt, Writer

Many people around the world don’t think twice about grabbing a coffee with a plastic cup, washing your face with products that contain microbeads, or buying clothing from high ranked companies like Target and Walmart. All of these actions, and many more, have long-term consequences on our planet and release pollution. By making subtle changes in everyday routines can prevent the amount of pollution that enters the soil, water and air of our one and only Mother Earth.

7 Things to do for Mother Earth

  • Planet trees for a single tree absorbs 13lbs of CO2 each year. Not only will planting trees benefit the Earth, but it can be a special activity to watch your tree grow over the years. 
  • Use reusable bags. The average reusable bag has a lifespan equal to more than 700 plastic bags. Not only are they better for the environment but they are very stylish and come in many different patterns.
  • Shop local. It’s estimated that 13% of the U.S. greenhouse gas emissions results from the production and transport of food or products. Locally owned businesses can make more local purchases requiring less transportation. Buying local helps the environment and the local economy.
  • Use reusable straws, cups, and glass containers. Reusable items can be used over and over, reducing waste and helping keep the environment cleaner and healthier. Reusable cups keep your coffee hotter for longer periods of time, most reusable straws are rust proof, and glass containers are long-lasting, durable, and corrosion resistant, so it will not break down overtime like plastic.
  • Use bamboo products. Bamboo absorbs twice as much carbon dioxide as trees and is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial without needing any toxic chemical treatments. Some popular bamboo products include tooth brushes, straws, toilet paper, and cotton swabs.
  • Upcycle & buy secondhand clothes. Thrifting reduces chemical pollution, decreases landfill waste, and aids in water preservation. Not only does thrifting benefit the environment, but you could definitely find some cool things and a new hobby.
  • Use natural beauty products. Controversial skin care and makeup ingredients can affect wildlife in the environment negatively. The more chemicals used, the more goes into the air and water. A lot of beauty products have microbeads, solid plastic particles, that are nearly impossible to remove from the environment and ocean. The powerful, natural ingredients in organic skin care can deliver real results. Peptides in antioxidants can lift and firm the skin naturally. Some popular eco-friendly brands include Public Goods, EcoRoots, Lush, Milk Makeup, and Axiology. 

Lifestyle changes can be very difficult at first due to budget, convenience, and habit. Going green saves you from toxic products and environmental pollution. It is like detoxing from society as well as helping detoxify the earth. At first most people think that going green is pointless because unless everyone does it, it won’t be beneficial. The reality is that even subtle changes can help along with erase or reduce someone’s carbon footprint and make them feel good about their treatment of Mother Earth.