Book Review: The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

Book Review: The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

Whitney Robbins, Writer

Having supernatural powers or abilities sounds cool, right? Almost everybody wants them. Well, for Ruby and her friends, having superpowers is anything but easy. The Darkest Minds is the first book of The Darkest Minds trilogy. It was written by Alexandra Bracken and published in late 2012.

Children all over America are dying from a mysterious disease. Those who survive the disease are sent to a camp, but they will never be the same again. Surviving the disease resulted in the children gaining abnormal abilities. Ruby is one of the few hundred to survive, but she is one of the only ones to have the most dangerous ability. She has kept her ability a secret for 16 years, until it’s no longer a secret, and she has to run away. Along the way, she meets Zu, Chubs, and Liam, who have also escaped camp. While on the run, Ruby must learn to control her abilities, keep her feelings at bay, and make difficult decisions that will affect both her and her family.

Alexandra Bracken uses suspense that will keep you reading from the beginning to the end, and even onto the next book of the series.

Fans of sci-fi, action, and romance will love The Darkest Minds.  Once you finish the book, you can continue following Ruby’s adventure in Never Fade and In the Afterlight