2020 Election

2020 Election

Andrew Lawson, Editor

Most people already have an idea of who and what they support this presidential election, but right before the election it is important to get as much information as possible.

Joe Biden went to University of Delaware and married his first wife Neilia Hunter. They had three children together. Joe Biden ventured into politics winning his first Senate seat in 1972, and during this time his wife and baby daughter died in a car accident and his two sons were injured. He remained a senator until 2008 meeting his current wife, Jill Biden, and having a girl. After two failed presidential bids he joined President Obama’s Democratic ticket and became Vice President during which he dealt with the loss of his son, Beau, to a brain tumor. After defeating a large field of other Democrats in the primaries he is now running to be the 46th President of the United States.

Donald Trump was a businessman essentially his whole life. He graduated from University of Pennsylvania’s school of finance and took over his father’s company which today has golf courses and hotels all over the world. He married his first wife, Ivana Trump, in 1977 and had three children with her that are widely known today as Ivanka, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric. They ended their marriage in 1992 and he married an American actress named Marla Maples with which he had his fourth child named Tiffany. They soon divorced in 1999 and Donald Trump married his current wife Melania in 2005 and Barron his youngest son was born in 2006. He appeared on The Apprentice solidifying himself as a self made billionaire businessman. He joined the large field of Republicans looking towards the White House and went from a joke to the frontrunner. Donald Trump would go on to win the nomination and face Hillary Clinton in the general election pulling off a surprise comeback and winning the White House. After his first four year term he is seeking another but this time facing Joe Biden.

Economy, coronavirus, racial justice, and healthcare have become the main issues of this presidential election so it’s important to see where the candidates stand.

Joe Biden’s economic plan is to solve the coronavirus crisis, raise the minimum wage to $15, raise taxes on the wealthy, invest in green energy, and provide tax incentives to companies staying in the US. His coronavirus plan is to set up a national testing program, hire contact tracers, pressure governors to implement mask mandates, provide schools with resources to reopen, and set strict national guidelines for reopening. In terms of racial justice Joe Biden plans to end cash bail, mandatory minimum sentencing, and private prisons. He also plans to increase business support for minorities and decriminalize marijuana. Finally, on healthcare Joe Biden wants to fix and then expand on Obamacare by adding a public option and also allow prescription drug prices to be renegotiated to bring down the cost.

Donald Trump’s economic plan is to focus on recovering from coronavirus and trade. His coronavirus plan is to focus on testing, vaccines, therapeutics, and reopening schools. In terms of racial justice Donald Trump plans to keep cash bail and private prisons but lower mandatory minimum sentencing and in economic impact he supports the Platinum Plan which is meant to help minority communities. Finally, on healthcare Donald Trump has vowed to eliminate Obamacare and replace it as well as lower the prices of prescription drugs.

For more information on either candidate or their position on important issues you can visit their campaign websites.