New Social Norms Due to Covid

New Social Norms Due to Covid

Elida Coronado , Writer

Graduates of 2021 are going to feel the full force of pandemic. Not only will they be looking at the possibility of a full final year of remote learning, but also being able to adapt to the coronavirus infested world with a whole new set of social norms.

One new social norm is giving simple verbal greetings instead of handshakes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that more than 80% of common infections are spread through our hands. This makes hand washing  the most effective way to prevent illnesses. Although handshakes were given as a form of respect, verbal greetings became the new normal to help minimize the spread of germs. 

Signs enforcing social distancing and wearing a mask can be found in every store. In the beginning of the coronavirus, not everyone followed social distancing or wore a mask. However, regardless of State mask mandates, most businesses require customers to wear masks and encourage social distance. There are even markers on the floor to indicate how far to stand away from someone when waiting to pay.

Quarantine shaming (a new term used to call someone out for not practicing social distancing) is an indication that social norms are changing. These new norms are evolving rapidly as the pandemic is worsening; it is important to practice and use the new rules of society to help save lives.