The Perfect Date: Saving Money and Skipping Valentine’s Day

The Perfect Date: Saving Money and Skipping Valentine's Day

Brittany Gutierrez, Writer

The pressure of Valentine’s Day comes with spending ridiculous amounts of money on teddy bears that a dog will eventually tear apart, roses that will last two days before they start to wilt, and dinners with a wait time to be seated at over 45 minutes. A solution to this overrated holiday is to buy discount chocolates and gifts that are on clearance the day after Valentine’s Day, go to an empty movie theater, or experience zero wait time at a quiet restaurant. 

Couples are skipping Valentines day and saving their money rather than buying gifts. According to USA today, “couples are cutting back on spending rather than splurging on gifts.” Going out on February 14 gets complicated well before the date arrives. More than 30% of Americans dine out on the holiday at restaurants that often charge more than usual on Valentine’s Day. Couples who are aware of bigger purchases in the future, like buying a new house or spending money on their own kids, decide to skip Valentines Day entirely. 

Deciding instead to go out on a different day is becoming more popular. There are couples who are focusing  on personal moments over material gifts, but in this digital age where personal lives are public expensive vacations, dates, and gifts are still constantly the majority of posts. According to the National Retail Federation’s annual Valentine’s Day survey, “despite the number of adults who are rolling back the spending on this holiday there are still those who are celebrating and spending an average $196.31 up to 21% over last year’s previous record.”

For those looking to cut back on spending the greatest gift you can get a significant other is quality time rather than a fancy meal. For next year’s Valentine’s day skip the wilting flowers that are $25 for a bouquet on a normal day and $30 to $50 on Valentine’s day. Skip the fancy dinner with a waiting time of 45 minutes plus the wait for your food. Skip the teddy bears and spend quality time with a significant other this year. Go on Disney Plus and watch a new movie or cook together at home with your loved ones.  Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is about showing love not buying love.