Park Football Turning Things Around

Darren Brown, Sports Writer

The Park varsity football team hit the ground running this year by crushing South Milwaukee 42-0 on their opening night. They did endure a rough patch afterwards in the form of a gut-wrenching three game losing streak with two of those games being within one score. Since then, the team put their heads down and went to work by getting back to back wins in the last two weeks. Their last win came against Horlick, which was their first victory in the rivalry since 2011. Park is looking to capitalize on this tremendous 3-3 start and finish the season strong with games against Oak Creek, Case, and Bradford.

The trend this season is that the football team is recharging milestones that haven’t been accomplished in nearly the last decade. Park has second year coach Daniel Hernandez at the helm and includes senior standouts Ricky Canady, Jarrel Campbell, Terry Gamble, Caleb Gilliam, Anthony Nielson, Nasier Santoya, and Rashein Thomas. With this combination it appears there is nothing holding this team back from success in the 2019 season.

When interviewed about the team expectations in August of this past summer, coach Daniel Hernandez said, “There’s this shadow of the past where there’s this huge expectation to win”. The mentality circling around the team this year is that the bad days are in the past and all the negativity associated with the team is just hot air at the end of the day. The optimism being spread around the locker room has been fuel for the fire, which has brought this team to its best record since 2011 when they went 4-5. After countless disappointing and frustrating seasons, Park football is coming together and is a real threat in the Southeast Conference.