Spring Fashion


Charlet Hughes, Reporter

Spring is upon us. It is Wisconsin’s mud season. Nothing is worse than getting mud on your favorite pair of boots or having an outfit that doesn’t quite say “It’s Spring!” Here’s what you should and shouldn’t wear for the mud season of 2019.

Think About Where You Are Going

Are you going to a party or dressing casual? Make sure you aren’t overdressed or underdressed. Unless it’s Walmart because really there are no rules there.

Decide Whether You Want Patterns or Not

If you would like to wear patterns choose to wear the pattern for the top or the bottom. Never wear two different patterns or matching patterns on both the top and bottom. It will look off or just too much. If you are going plain make sure the colors match. If you are going for a colorful bottom you can wear a neutral color for the top such as white, black, or even grey. Pastels are popular for spring, but jeans with something black is a great go to option.

Let’s Talk About Shoes

One thing to make sure of is that your shoes match your top. If your top is a neutral color make sure your shoes are also a neutral color. If you have a printed or colorful top, neutral shoes work best. Black shoes may be too dark for spring, so try tan, grey, or even some colorful shoes. Low heeled boots look fantastic as well as heels or even flats. If you are going for a casual look, you can wear your favorite moccasins or Bobs.


  1. NEVER mix patterns or prints. It’s going to look out of place.
  2. NEVER mix and mismatch colors. You will look like a clown.
  3. NEVER wear the wrong foot wear. Always make sure it matches.