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Advice by Charlet and Dalajah

Your friendly neighborhood newspaper girls. Come to us for all your advice needs. Featured in all of the Park Beacons. Big or small we can solve any problem at all. Any questions are welcome as long as they are appropriate and they will always stay anonymous.

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“There is this guy who likes me, but I don’t know if I really like him all that much anymore. At the same time, I don’t want to hurt his feelings. What should I do?”

Good: Be honest with him. Let him know how you really feel, but do it in a way that won’t break his heart. Remember your feelings matter too and not everything is about him.

Bad: Break his heart, tell him like it is. Go up to him and say “I don’t like you. #Friendzoned”


“I want to go to prom but I hate going to school, please help.”

Good: Do your best to be on time to school. I understand it’s hard in the morning to get up but we have to be here and if possible try and get release time your second semester so it’s not as bad.

Bad: Change your name, move to a different school and start over.


“Is the speed limit actually important?”

Good: Yes. In order to be a good driver you have to follow the law and who wants speeding tickets?

Bad: The speed limit is a suggestion; just go faster than the person behind you and don’t get caught by the cops. Good luck. Live in the fast lane.


“What time should I wake up for school?”

Good: I personally wake up at 5, but I think a reasonable time to wake up is 5:30 so you have time for a good breakfast.

Bad: Don’t go to sleep, stay up and stress over homework and grades. #sleepisfortheweak.


“How can I pass my math class?”

Good: Study, take notes, and pay attention, to make life easier. Stay after class and ask the teacher when you need extra help or have a question.

Bad: You can’t. Letters and numbers should not be in the same category. High school is difficult, so just let the difficulty consume you.


“My significant other said they don’t want anything for Christmas, what should I get them?”

Good: Even if they said they don’t want anything get them something small. Everyone wants something for Christmas even if they won’t admit it.

Bad: If they said they didn’t want anything then don’t get them anything. They will appreciate that you listened to them and love that they got nothing for Christmas even though they probably got you something.