Fall Fashion for Females


Darianna Boatner

Do you love fall because of the fashion? People love to wear boots, cardigans, and many other things. Men’s and women’s UGGs are the most popular footwear choice during fall. Most girls wear cardigans. Some boys just wear jogging pants and a jacket and call it a day. Here are some examples of what the females like to wear.

Her outfit is super cute. The camo really compliments the boots. Altogether the outfit is very nice, but many people don’t go with this style. Some might have simply just put on a cardigan.


UGGs are the most popular shoe to wear in the fall. Men, women, and even kids wear UGGs.


She has a warm cardigan sweater on with a pair of men’s UGGs. A perfect fall outfit.


This outfit is basic, but still cute. This shows that during fall you don’t need boots, sweaters, and cardigans to be “in style.” If it’s not too cold, you can easily look excellent in lack of practical warmth.