New Coach, New Team


Elizabeth Czosnek, Reporter

Parks 2018 Girl’s Volleyball team under first year coach, Samantha Robinson, attacked the net in a whole new way. Coach Sam knew the team needed work, but she was determined to stick with them. “With only three returning varsity players, we were given the task to fill a whole varsity team and prepare them for the fast pace play that distinguishes a varsity volleyball match from a JV volleyball match,” she said in a recent interview. Practices were harder, with more conditioning to train the girls to run faster, jump higher, and hit harder. The drills they practiced and repeated helped them to improve playing at game speed, move their feet to the ball, and make better plays.

Starting on varsity were senior Jade Griffin, juniors Destiny Francois, Angela Schram, and Adriana Bumpus, and sophomores Abigail Roushia and Genesis Thompkins. Coach Sam wanted to push the girls past their limits and work to make them better.

“Despite our overall record, the girls have come so far from the first practice. We are a young team and a freshly redeveloping program,” she optimistically stated.

She got players and their families more involved with the program than they have been in recent years. Bus rides to and from games, pasta parties, and sitting together at games are a huge part of the team building players need. Coach Sam believes, the better of friends players are, the better of a team they will be.

Coach Sam affirmed, “We have a long road ahead of us this off-season, but we have the talent to become something great and set up Park volleyball for the future generations. All we need is a buy in to this program, hard work, and great work ethic. The possibilities are endless to what we can become!”