Freshman Advice

Elizabeth Czosnek, Reporter

Every year there are new freshmen, and every year they don’t know how high school works. They don’t know how to navigate through the halls or what volume to speak. Middle school was a free-for-all, high school is a lot different. These are some tips to make the shift from middle school life, to high school life easier.

Getting to school on time is a must, or first block will be terrible. Not only is getting to school on time important, getting to all of your classes on time is important. The beginning of class can be a very important time. The teacher might do warm ups, start homework questions, get right into teaching, or start informing the class about what you will be doing at the beginning of the block. You can and will miss a lot of information in the beginning of classes, and catching up with all of it will be a hassle.

Listening and doing the classwork everyday will be helpful. The classes might seem long and boring, but that doesn’t mean stop listening. Try not to zone out during class. The teacher might be boring and possibly confusing, but they are teaching for a reason. If there are notes to take, take them and make sure they are clear. Those notes will come in handy for studying, looking back at, and filling out study guides. When the teacher goes over homework, and homework problems, PAY ATTENTION!

Ask the teacher questions when help is needed. Everyone says that, and it’s true. The teachers won’t be mad, and will help as much as possible. If the homework is too confusing, don’t be afraid to ask for extra help, or to ask to stay after school with the teacher.  Don’t feel stupid for asking questions, because half of the kids in the class most likely feel the same way.

GET HOMEWORK IN ON TIME! That doesn’t mean copy a classmates work. That won’t help the learning process. If there is a lot going on and homework can’t be done, talk to your teacher. Make sure after school activities don’t get in the way of academics, if homework is late there are points taken off. Homework is a big part of learning and part of grading.

The adjustment from middle school to high school can be an overwhelming experience. Middle school classes and grades don’t matter half as much as high school classes and grades. Take this advice into consideration throughout the first year of high school. Freshman year will go by fast, so make it count! Have fun and be smart, because freshman year is the most important year of high school!