Park Theater: Goldilocks on Trial

Park Theater to put on a show for elementary school kids.

Savannah Molinaro, Reporter

On November 16th, Park High School’s Theater Department is performing Goldilocks On Trial!  In this play, an adorable, and somewhat innocent, Goldilocks is on trial. This comedic show also includes roles such as the jurors, the Three Bears, and Goldi’s nemesis the Big Bad Wolf!


Auditions were on Friday September 21, where the actors performed their monologues, and were judged by Ms. Jaskulske on how clearly the actors spoke, how loud they were, how much eye contact they made, and their pronunciation and memorization. Each student was allowed only 30 minutes to practice and ask questions before they had to perform. During the audition, the students would have to project loud enough for Ms. Jaskulske to hear them- and she was sitting in the back of the theater.


The audition was graded on a scale of 20 points. Students were allowed to use one classmate as a lifeline during their performance, and could only request their line twice. After you used up your 2 requests, if they still needed to say “line” they would get 1 point taken off. Ms. Jaskulske also judged on the ability to get back into character after asking for a line.


Auditions for Goldilocks on trial were only for theater students, but other plays hosted by Park are open to the school, and public, for viewing.


During the school day on November 16th, elementary student are coming to Park High School Theater to watch the play. Then, at night, friends and family are allowed to come to see the actors perform.