Spring Fashion

Auriel Stills, Reporter

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The weather outside is finally getting nice.  It is now time to hang up the winter clothes, and take out the warm weather wear. Chances are they are most likely outdated.  Add a few new pieces to your closet to avoid looking like you took a trip back to 1998.

There are many old styles that are coming back with a modern flair. Ladies, jean skirts are back.  There are the ones with one button or multiple buttons, long or short, and if you really want to go out in style there are also multi-colored denim skirts.

Crocs are not only for gardeners. They come in a variety of colors; just slip them on and go.  You can also get little charms to put on your crocs to show your individuality.
Rompers and sundresses are a versatile outfit. They are so simple, cute, and comfortable.  Dress them up with gladiators or down with Birkenstocks.

Guys well, you basically wear the same thing every year. Just to mix it up, jeans shorts with some rips are trendy, and you also can rock the crocs and birkenstocks with or without socks.

Just a few pieces, added to a summer wardrobe, can make someone fashion forward instead of falling back.