NBA East Conference Playoffs

Noah Ford, Sports Writer

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This year playoffs is by far the most exciting one i’ve seen in years.  Starting in the east with the first seed Toronto Raptors sending the Wizards home packing with the quick first round elimination. Also, winning their first round matchups the Lebron led Cavaliers takes out the young but hardworking Pacers in game seven. The Rookie Jayson Tatum put on his big boy pants in the Celtics matchup against the Milwaukee Bucks to carry them to a first round win ending the series 4-3. Finally, the 76ers force you to “Trust The Process” as rookie of the year candidate Ben Simmons and the rest of the squad takes down the Miami Heat 4-1.

The second round starts with Lebron’s Cavaliers going up against the eastern conference powerhouse the Toronto Raptors. Followed by the two rookie led teams the Celtics and 76ers. The Cavs vs Raptors ended very unexpected with a 4-0 sweep by the Cavaliers. It seems as if no matter how good the Raptors are they just have a hard time beating Lebron. In the other matchup the Celtics had the upper hand as they finished with one loss and closed the series 4-1. Now it’s five games into the Celtics vs Cavs series winner of this series wins the east and gets to play for a championship in the NBA Finals.