What to Do Over Spring Break

Toby Nelson, Reporter

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A staycation is a vacation spent in one’s home or involves day trips to attractions. Just like a traveling vacation, a staycation is about relaxation and enjoyment. It’s about “me” time or “us” time, whichever the case may be. Don’t know what to do over spring break?


  1. Shedd Aquarium- Located in Chicago, IL is a Aquarium where you can go to see tanks full of different species of fish both freshwater and saltwater. This can be really fun to enjoy if you’re someone who favors fish. The Shedd Aquarium costs $40 per person.
  2. Marcus Theaters- Located in Sturtevant, is a movie theater where you can go to see movies and just relax. They have a lot of theaters including the popular Ultra-Screen and Super-Screen. The regular theaters cost $8-11 dollars and the Super and Ultra Screen cost $11-14 dollars. However, on Tuesdays movies cost $5 dollars.
  3. The County Zoo- Located in Downtown Racine, is the zoo with a lot of animals such as: Toads, Frogs, Penguins, Swans, Cockatiels, Storks, Owls, Cockatoos, Tigers, Bears, Monkeys, etc. The Racine County Zoos admission costs $4-8 dollars and if you have a membership at the Racine County Zoo you can get in for free.
  4. The Jelly Belly Factory- Located in Pleasant Prairie, is a factory where you can take a tour and see how jelly beans are made. Also you can try a lot of flavors of jelly beans. The factory also has a gift shop, where they give out a variety of free samples and have interactive exhibits and games suitable for all ages. The Jelly Belly Factory is free to enter.
  5. Kenosha Public Museum- Located in Kenosha, is a museum where you can go see exhibits and artifacts from history. The have a Decorative and Fine Arts Gallery. They also have Treasure Galleries. They also have virtual exhibits.