Are You Ready For Finals?

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Are You Ready For Finals?

Alyssa Pankoff

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Finals are coming up and they are very important, especially for Seniors. You need to be prepared and there are many ways to do that.


 One thing that you should make sure to do is get enough sleep. The day before finals you should try and go to bed early to make sure that you will not be tired during taking the finals. If you are tired during the finals you could potentially have a hard time focusing. Your mind responds quicker and better when it’s well rested. You need at least a minimum 8 hours of sleep before a test or exam.


 Another thing that you can do is study. Most teachers give you a review sheet or let you know what the final exam is going to consist of. You should definitely take advantage of that and write things down. Make sure you know what is going to be on the review so you don’t get suprised. Some teachers may even give you and allow you to use a notecard. However do not cram all of your studying into one time. If you study for everything at the last minute you tend to not remember everything you studied.


 One final thing you can do to prepare is eat breakfast. Skipping breakfast can make you feel tired, restless, or irritable. In the morning your body needs to refuel for the day. According to Good Luck Exams , you should eat “brain-boosting foods”. Such as “eggs, nuts, yogurt, and cottage cheese”. Some good breakfast combinations include “whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk, eggs and toast with jam, and oatmeal”.  


FINALS SCHEDULE (January 2018)

  • Tuesday 23rd- 1A & 2A
  • Wednesday 24th- 1B & 2B
  • Thursday 25th- 3A & 4A
  • Friday 26th- 3B & 4B


Advisory: 7:15-7:45

Exam #1: 7:55-9:55

Exam #2: 10:05-12:05

Study Hall: 12:06-12:38

Dismissal: 12:38